Our company transformed the computer room technology to an integrated Mini Data Center solutions with inhouse UPS power supply, precision Air-conditioning, access control system, lightning protection, remote monitoring, fire protection, emergency ventilation, etc.

The system is integrated to provide IT equipment with safe and reliable operation support.

Now data center one stop deployment and operation management is lot easier with integrated Mini Data Center.


Financial Business Outlets, Government, Education, Medical Care, Transportation, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise, Commercial Super Retail, Etc.

No Special Machine Room Required.


High efficiency

Energy saving and efficient power supply is achieved through cold and hot airtight isolation.

Power Usage effectiveness (PUE) will be less than 1.5.

Quick deployment

Out of the box pre-installed components. No need to set up the room, AC, Monitoring, Fire protection, etc. Just need a power line to plug in the MDC and its ready for using. MDC with external AC outdoor unit just need to connect with a powerline and connect with MDC internal system.

Simplify operations

15 inch in built LCD display with windows operating system for simple operation of MDC environment and management. The interface is simple and can achieve custom seamless expansion.

Low environmental requirements

No need to install raised floor or require special room to build data center. It can even simply put in your office room, meeting room or any other non-hazardous environments.

Flexible capacity expansion

Seamless and fast expansion is possible and can be implemented in short time.