Safewell’s container data center is an advanced outdoor and prefabricated all-in-one data center facility solution. Including server rack, air conditioning, power supplies, disaster prevention, security and monitoring systems. The solution provides reliable, stable and green environment for IT equipment. The solution can be applied to multiple industries and scenarios and meet data center’s requirements on energy saving and fast deployment.


Enterprise, Government, Education, Energy, Finance, Transportation ,Telecom carrier and other fields.

Military operation, scientific research, petroleum exploration, marine scientific research, disaster preparedness, outdoor working, larger activity or data centers restricted by space, geographic environment, and investment costs.



Enclosure, power, cooling, firefighting DCIM system,server and switch are prefabricated. All facilities are preinstalled pretested before delivery. Productized solution minimizes the engineering work and the on-site installation of a plug& play data center only takes one day.


Efficient O&M anywhere& anytime with PAD and mobile APP.

High portability

Supports data expansion and relocation plans, and makes it possible to relocate and transport easily.

Quick delivery

In any installation environment or location, a data center can be built within quick delivery.

Electrical power saving operation

High-efficiency modular UPS, smart in-row cooling, aisle containment,enclosure of low heat transfer coefficient. Industry-leading PUE.

Optimization of investment

It is possible to start small-scale expansion in stages depending on the load increases of the IT equipment